Our vision is to be amongst the top five schools in the region.


  • We will develop students that will be tomorrow’s leaders. We will provide the highest standard of education and service, both curricular and extracurricular to our students
    in order to enable them to compete effectively in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment.




The Canadian School of Arts and Science will:
  • Provide a quality education to all of its students

  • Provide an environment for an excellent learning experience and to tap into the abilities and dynamism of every student.
    This will enhance the children’s ability to face and overcome life’s challenges and intolerance, and thus, develop proper skills and attitudes to benefit themselves, the community and society.
  • Encourage all children and young adults to be creative, innovative and to utilize all available resources, to achieve their full potential in their acquisition of knowledge.

School Pledge

The Canadian School of Arts and Science is my school. I pledge to live up to its expectation by obeying its rules and abiding by its values.
I pledge to conduct myself with pride and to be humble, polite, and respectful to my peers and teachers.
I pledge to work hard and to do all of my assigned tasks as this is the basis of my success.
I also pledge to ensure that my actions are honorable and do not hurt others,
As I would like every person that I meet today to be better off because they have met me.


The Board of Directors offers guidance at a strategic level to its Chief Executive Officer. The school is led academically by a Principal, two Vice Principals, four coordinators, a head prefect and several prefects.


The Canadian School of Arts and Science was founded on Jan 6’th 2014 as a school for children at pre-nursery, nursery, primary and secondary levels. The founder of the school is a former executive with the Government of Canada and is currently a professor in Canada. He has the following designations: MBA, MPA, CGA and CPA and has also been involved in teaching for over two decades in Canada.

School Registration

This school has applied for registration in January 2014 and its sole focus is to prepare students for the following assessments and examinations • National Grades 2,4 and 6 assessments • National Grade 9 Examination • CSEC Exams • CAPE


Admission Requirements Nursery
Nursery Years 1 and 2 – a child must attain the age of 3 years 3 months in September of that year to be admitted into the Nursery 1 program. For Nursery 2 – a child must attain the age of 4 years 3 months.

Primary- a child must attain the age of 5 years 3 months in September of that year to be admitted into Grade 1.

New – Admission Test for Primary and Secondary classes
This school will only accept students who have an acceptable level of numeracy and literacy abilities. Hence, effective Jan 1, 2015, intake at the Grades 2-6 levels will be subjected to a literacy and numeracy test which they must pass with at least 50%. At the secondary level, no child will be admitted unless the child can read, perform basic math, and pass an admission test with at least 50%. The tests will be prepared and be administered solely by the school.

Documentation for Registration
  • Birth Certificate
  • Two passport pictures
  • Report card (from previous school)
  • Clinic card
  • Cumulative Record Card.

  • Discipline
    As a policy of this school, corporal punishment is strictly forbidden. Teachers are not allowed to “talk down” or to be verbally aggressive to students. Students are expected to obey teachers. Discipline ranges from a verbal warning by the teacher to expulsion from the school, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

    Seating Arrangements
    In the secondary school, boys and girls do not sit together. Girls sit on the furniture at the right of the class while the boys will sit on the furniture at the left of the class.
School Pledge



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